Saturday, September 20, 2008

IBM Federal Mashup Day (Oct 31st 2008) at Reston VA

If you wonder about how you can use Mashups in Federal solutions, this is a must attend event! Check out the agenda for topics being covered. A follow-on event has been scheduled on November 6, 2008 to give you hands-on experience on the IBM Mashups technology using IBM Mashups Center v1.0 which consists of Lotus Mashups, InfoSphereHub, and Lotus Widget Factory.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lotus Connections v2.0 Customization Redwiki

We had our last "official" status call for the redwiki for the residents this past Friday. All contents have been posted and ready for review.

This is my first experience with having the redbook residency as a remote resident and the content being published into a wiki instead of a printed book (redbook) or online PDF (redpaper). There are pros and cons with this type of residency as compared to traditional redbook residency but it's still a great and rewarding experience.

Check out the table of contents and happy reading!

Portlet Factory v6.1 remote auto-deploy configuration

Many clients have asked about remote auto-deploy. In theory it's doable if the remote Portal server is installed on a Windows-based server. I finally gave it a try and got this configuration tested successfully. What it takes is to map a drive to the Portal server and point to the mapped drive. What I found is that for the WAS deployment configuration, you cannot point to a remote WAS server, so what I did was to use WAS CE which come pre-configured with Portlet Factory 6.1. I originally got error when I tried to build the Portlet WAR because the mapped drive was read-only. In order for WPF to be able to build the WAR, it needs read/write access to the mapped drive. Also check out the WPF wiki for additional information.

Note: special thanks to Usman Memon who helped with troubleshooting